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Nurse Call

Nurse call systems offer security and peace of mind for care homes. Safety and security are the most important requirements of every modern nursing home or hospital. Patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Nurse Call and Life Safety Systems

Our system of choice builds on over 20 years of specialization in nurse call systems to give you one of the most flexible and comprehensive care management system on the market. It offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident. It offers complete event recording facilities for the care manager or estate manager. In addition, the new devices can normally be installed directly into an existing wiring system, keeping disruptions to an absolute minimum.

We also have systems developed specifically to provide non-intrusive help for dementia care residents who may need assistance when they are confused.

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Nurse Call Systems

Life Safety Systems

We can install Automatic Fire Door closers and interfaces for gas shut off valves, ventilation ducts and lifts.

We also provide Disabled Refuge system intercoms, Fire Extinguishing Appliances and Safety Signage.

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Life Safety Systems

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